Learning and education has the potential to change the trajectory of a family for generations beyond that child.


In Haiti,85% of schools are privatized leaving 61% of people with limited literacy.

We believe education is a human right.

K-12 students work with our Education Director to ensure their education needs are met. We adapt education services to the specific needs and goals of each child. Our education program is specifically for the families we work with in family reunification.

For our families in our Reunification Program, in addition to tuition, we also provide tutoring, special tablets for learning at home, and funds to cover transportation and uniforms.

Haiti Mama Canada provided sponsorship to 800+ students for the 2023 school year.




Ecole Communautaire Santo

Santo Community School

ECS was founded over 30 years ago by a Haitian Family when they couldn't find good schools for their own children to attend. Both parents, who were teachers, took matters into their own hands and opened Ecole Communautaire Santo.  This was the first community school in it's suburb of Port au Prince, Haiti.  ECS has now educated more than 30,000 students since it's doors opened in 1992.


When it was about to close down in 2018 due to Haiti’s severe economic decline, a few Canadian friends stepped in with funding and logistical support was provided by Haiti Mama Canada. 


In a country which suffers poverty and instability, ECS now provides free admission to the majority of its students. Most of these children could not afford school otherwise. 


Lack of education perpetuates cycles of poverty, social dysfunction, including violence.  Education fosters intelligence, teamwork, and a practical hope for the future. Many of our students have shown excellence.      

2023 statistics so far...

  • 723 students currently enrolled
  • 43 seniors in an adult literacy program
  • 25 staff mainly teachers and 4 management staff
  • Staff salaries are $100 USD per month (special fundraising this year will help give them all a raise)
  • Our cost per student for a year of school, including meals, is $70 USD

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