We have moved most of our families to a new location in Haiti and are currently restructuring our programming to fit the needs of the families that moved with us and to support the new community we now find ourselves a part of.

We empowered these families to overcome poverty through employment. Each family strived to make the progress they had before the move and now they are starting from scratch. Again. New businesses, new houses, new schools, new community connections.

We have a framework in place to maintain our essential programs: disability care, job creation, and family services. We are now looking for monthly sponsors for each family, mama, and child at Haiti Mama in hopes that the stability of a monthly sponsor will help our families find their way in this new life they now find themselves in.

The monthly sponsorship for each family/mama/child varies based on the needs of these families. Click on the images below of the Haiti Mama Family member that needs your support to see what the options are. You can donate as little as $25 per week or cover the expenses for an entire family monthly at $1000 per month.

Donate on your own, or split it with a group of friends, coworkers, or family members and support a family together!

We are always grateful for any donation amount, one-time or monthly for these families.

Are you able to commit to becoming a sponsor for 6 months? Imagine the impact your gift would make. Our goal for each family to be financially independent with minimal external support is this 6-month timeframe.